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John Clough

“Many associates visit us here, they’re always extremely impressed with the quality of our people and their passion for their work.”

Position: Chief Executive

Company: eaga plc

Sector: Energy & Low Carbon Technology

Location: Tyne and Wear

eaga is the UK’s leading provider of residential energy efficiency solutions. We are now an emerging force in providing solutions to climate change challenges. Central to our success is our commitment to the principles of employee ownership (eaga Partners) and our strong corporate and social values. We’re a people business with more than 4,000 partners (our employees) committed to delivering outstanding customer service.

Corporate Social Responsibility has always been at the heart of our organisation. We care for our partners, our customers and our communities, and are actively reducing our carbon and environmental impact.

Representing the North East on a global scale in our everyday work is a sign that we are starting to put something back into those communities that have helped us and our people develop into the business that we are today.

We work with central government, local government, and all of the major utilities; whether they are energy utilities or water utilities.

Many of them visit us here, as we visit them, and they’re always extremely impressed with the quality of our people and the passion that they display in the work that they do.