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Louise Allcroft

“It’s about the entire North East, we are one North East and we should all band together and promote ourselves.”

Louise Allcroft

Position: Chief Executive

Company: Complement Genomics

Sector: Healthcare & Life Sciences

Location: Tyne and Wear

Complement Genomics is a hi-tech DNA testing company based in Sunderland. Our core activities include Geneblitz®, through which Complement Genomics provides contract research services including genotyping, and a paternity testing service dadcheck®. Complement Genomics is one of just seven UK companies that have been accredited by the Ministry of Justice ‘as a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969’ and is the only one based in the North of England.

I’ve come up here and I’ve fallen in love with the region, so I’d be very honoured to think that people think highly enough of our business that we can go out and speak about how great the region is, and hopefully we’re representing the region in a very positive way.

One of the advantages of being based in the North East is that we have some fantastic, in fact world-renowned, universities. This has been a real advantage for us as most of our graduate staff are graduates from North East universities.

The ‘Passionate people. Passionate places’ campaign is fantastic, people recognise it immediately. We’re launching a new website for our paternity testing service dadcheck®, and we have ‘Passionate about genetics’ to proudly display and demonstrate our passion for the region.

Getting business people involved in the Regional Image Campaign is critical. We need to encourage more industry and investment into the region and by bringing the business community together; the sum is greater than the parts.

The resources provided by the Ambassador Toolkit are that we will be able to promote ourselves better than we’re doing already.

It’s not just about bringing in tourism, it’s about the entire North East, whether it’s the business community, educational establishments or whether its tourism, we are one North East and we should all band together and promote ourselves.