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Lucy Bird

“The ‘Passionate people. Passionate places’ campaign is everybody’s campaign putting North East England firmly on the international map.”

Lucy Bird

Position: Director of Marketing and Development

Company: The Sage Gateshead

Sector: Other

Location: Tyne and Wear

The Sage Gateshead is an international home for music and musical discovery, bringing about a widespread and long-term enrichment of the musical life of the North of England. We see ourselves as a flagship project and we are very proud of that role, and determined that we shall use the opportunity offered to us to promote the North East on the widest possible international platform.

We take the image and spirit of the North East across the world in all we do. We work on an international platform and when we go to promote The Sage Gateshead, we use that opportunity to promote the North East of England.

The opportunities created by the Ambassador Toolkit means that we can network even more effectively than we do now, that we can really build on our existing partnership links and develop new opportunities for North East England.

The wonderful thing about doing business in North East England is the quality of the people. You can work in partnership with other businesses and you can attract fabulous people to come and work for your company. We have an exceptional skills base and we also have the opportunity to have fantastic customer service because the people are so passionate about what they do.

All of us here at The Sage Gateshead have always been absolutely passionate about the fact that The Sage Gateshead is based in North East England because it’s such an exceptional place to live and work. Our location here has been key and continues to be key to our success.

The “Passionate People, Passionate Places” campaign is everybody’s campaign; it’s about putting the North East of England firmly on the international map as a destination for business, and for leisure.