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Nigel Perry

“You can feel the passion of the people in the North East. The real magic starts when they come together to form the business community.”

Position: Chief Executive

Company: Centre for Process Innovation

Sector: n/a

Location: Cleveland

CPI develops products, processes, services and businesses in the process and manufacturing sectors, and brings jobs and prosperity to North East England. Established in April 2008 by the merger of two UK government-backed Centres of Excellence, both formed in 2004 – the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) on Teesside and the Centre for Nanotechnology, Microtechnology and Photonics (Cenamps) in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We want to join up, we want to work with others. We want to bring them here, to show them and get them to think about North East England as a great place to do business.

To get that accolade of being an ambassador, I’d be fairly delighted with that.

We use the ‘Passionate people. Passionate places’ branding on our presentations so when we are working internationally we are not just giving the message about CPI, we’re also delivering the wider message about North East England.

You can feel the passion of the people in the North East, its tangible, its palpable, but the real magic starts to happen when those people come together to form the overall business community.