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Rebecca Earnshaw

“The Ambassador Toolkit will enable us all to access high quality information about the region and make our lives easier.”

Rebecca Earnshaw

Position: Director

Company: SCHOOLS NorthEast

Sector: Other

Location: Tyne and Wear

SCHOOLS NorthEast represents all primary, secondary, maintained, independent and special schools in the North East region. We work to enable a strategic role for schools in shaping our region as well as supporting and influencing the North East’s economic development. One of the things that I think is my responsibility at SCHOOLS NorthEast is to look at ways in which we can help every young person in the region be an ambassador, and so we want to give them enough knowledge about the region and what’s going on here and opportunities, so that they can be ambassadors wherever they go in life.

I think that everybody in the region is the best salesperson for this region, because in the end it is the people that make an area.

I was really pleased to hear that One NorthEast was pulling together the Ambassador Toolkit to enable us all; business leaders, educators and other agencies, to access high quality information about the region and what’s happening, and make our lives easier!

My ambition is that when they’re talking about case studies of fantastic things that are happening within schools, it’s a North East example that’s being used, because we really can keep them pumped full of those examples - I see them everyday.

As a native of this region, I am passionate about the fantastic strengths it has to offer. However, the aspirations and skills of our children and young people are central to ensuring the North East’s future success. By facilitating the coordination and amplification of the voices of schools and educators, SCHOOLS NorthEast can effectively influence and support economic and social development.

Having established my career within national statutory bodies, including the Children’s Commissioner for England and the Electoral Commission, and spent some of my career in London, I have always been proud to tell others outside the region how fantastic North East England is.

It is lovely to be thought of as an ambassador for the region and I am excited by the opportunity to apply my skills, expertise and commitment to being an influential advocate on behalf of the North East.